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More Man Camp

The campers have arrived and the Can’t wait to fun has begun. I have a stacked tent of hyperactive adolescents that enjoy doing the opposite of what I say. So if you can’t beat them join them. I have been corrupting each child with dirty jokes, inappropriate stories, and the Brian Schroy signature health class. Right now I am watching my campers swarm a set of twins in attempt to “spit game”. Ah I have taught them well.


Man Camp

For the first time in my life I am at a real boys camp in the woods of Bridgton, Maine. Camp Winona is located right on the water at moose pond. I will be here for the next 4 weeks coaching lacrosse and water sports. This will probably cause a lack in blogging due to limited computer use. I shall return as soon as I canm

Jess and I Found Jesus

With the help of these delightful missionaries…

… Jess and I found the big man on campus

For the full story of our adventures be sure to check out Yess Werner’s blog

Video Blog 4

Legally Blonde.

On my travel to the Caribbean I have decided to challenge my dear friend, Nick Linkow, to a dye off. The objective is to become as blonde as possible using lemon juice and sunshine. May the best man lose, and the other man be completely humiliated. We are thinking of the perfect hazing for the loser, maybe singing Alejandro in front of the entire resort. I need feedback of what to do.

Video Blog 2.3

It’s That Time of Year!!!