Iceland: Day 4

by schroyb

Another day another dollarrrrrrrr. Day five proved to be fascinating. We learned in lecture that Icelandic heritage may have originated from small Celtic communities, rather than Scandinavians. We also discussed how Icelanders are very proud of their independence and patriotic attitude, but struggle to reap the benefits of international affairs. Iceland is placing some of the blame of their current economic crisis on other Scandinavian countries and the US for not lending a helping hand. We learned that one particular political group is trying to get Iceland in the European Union (EU), while others strongly oppose the helpful treaty. Iceland is afraid that the EU will impact the countries fishing rights, agricultural laws, and economical issues.

It was very interesting learning about the significance and struggles of small-state governments. Immediately after out lecture we went to the National Museum at the University of Iceland. We were able to witness amazing artifacts in history, but still the exhibit was very bias to Scandinavian culture, ignoring any Celtic heritage. As fascinating as the museum was, I had most of my fun in the gift shop. Check out todays sweet ass purchases.

Finally we got clear skies in Iceland and decided to take advantage of the hot springs. There are naturally heated pools all over the country. In the particular area we chose to go in our free time, there were 5 hot tubs, 3 giant pools, one floating area, one basketball court and 2 awesome water slides. I was afraid to bring my camera near the water so I had to take this from a distance.

After missing our bus back into town we decided to take the scenic route home. In this time we discovered that Reykjavik has majestic mountains in the close proximity. Too bad those clouds have been blocking our view for days.