Iceland: Day 4.5, Oh What A Night…

by schroyb

Last night I discovered a champagne bar in downtown Reykjavik. I have heard champagne bars can be loads of fun, where they pop off the corks using swords. On this particular my classmate Justin and I decided to check in out.

As soon as we get to the bar these two chicks approach us from both sides and start hugging us.
One began talking to Justin and the other focused in on me. I politely introduced myself and she immediately responded “Do you want my company?” I was caught so off guard i thought she was telling me she owned a company. I responded, “what’s your company, you got a business card?
Then she quickly proposed that I buy her champagne and she would take me downstairs. Once I process that this champagne bar was more oh a brothel I began spitting out lines to get me away from there.
“I have a lady back home who will not approve”
“Well we dont have to have sex, I can just dance for you.”
“I am also gay.”
“Well I am just a girl who likes champagne and would like you to buy it for me.”

The whole situation was beyond bizarre. Strip Clubs have been recently outlawed in Iceland so there were no topless dancers or anything. Instead, there were women walking around in silk robes asking for very expensive bottles of Champagne in return for sexual favors. Moral of the story is do not go to a champagne bar in Iceland…Unless you want to.